About us

Scandinavian Quinoa was founded be the entrepreneurs behind Ecoliving in Sweden together with the passionate organic farmer Michael Villstrup Balle with thirty years of experience of organic farming in Denmark.

“Our vision is to innovate new organic quinoa products with high level of plantbased protein in order to substitute meat products.”

Yes, we made the impossible to become possible! Thanks to a lot of passion, experience and innovative ideas we are growing high quality organic quinoa in Scandinavia. Normally, quinoa is grown in the high Andes in Peru and Bolivia at an altitude of 14,000-feet. By growing and producing quinoa in Scandinavia we minimize the carbon footprint by reducing the transportation and ensure high quality food safety for the European market.

Our strong belief is that more people will eat more plantbased organic wholefoods for health- and ethical reasons. We are growing food the new generation!