Foodtech 2018 – Dagens Industri

DI Digital Foodtech

The Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri “DI Digital” announced the seven most promising foodtech companies in Sweden in 2018. Our company was choosen as one of the most promising companies in the Swedish foodtech industry. We were invited to the Swedish Foodtech event in Örebro  and we able to present our company and how we managed to grow organic quinoa in Scandinavia and how we intend to make burgers based in organic quinoa as an alternative to traditional burgers.

Foodtech as a concept is about using modern technology to that is available and applying it on the food sector. Shortly, one could say that foodtech is about improving the food sector such as agriculture, food production, supply chain, distribution channel to benefit the consumers. We see ourselves, as an important company in Sweden that focuses on organic agriculture and developing organic food products using e-commerce and e-learning to provide our customers with better organic quality food products. We should also have in mind that all technology or footech is not producing “good products”. Monsanto is also a food technology company that reaches milestone after milestone by applying GMO technology. Our company would actually be more defined as a clean foodtech company since our values are about organic, wholefood and plant-based food innovations.

We want to be very clear with our vision “Food for a new generation”. It forces us to focus on quality, food safety and making sure that we can produce and develop high quality food products.  Our new generation including ourselves and our off springs are most certainly more focused on organic and plant-based food  and we intend to make healthy food for the new generation.

Our team works together with scientists, researchers and farmers so that we can use the latest knowledge available together with our new ideas. We strongly believe in finding an alternative to meat by developing new products using quinoa as a base since quinoa is a complete plant-based protein. At the current moment we are entirely focused on ecofriendly development of plant-based and vegan meat alternative such as burgers. The internet is just awesome! We have things such as Internet of things but in order to make our vision come true we need to practice Internet of collaboration. There are so many different companies specialised in various areas and in order to achieve great results we need to collaborate!

Quinoa plant based burgers

Why is organic quinoa so awesome?


So, what’s the big deal and fuzz about quinoa… Firstly, lest straigthen out that quinoa is a seed not a grain. When we say it’s a “seed” it’s not really enough. Quinoa is a magical seed that is a great source of protein, fiber, quality carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. What’s unique about quinoa is that it is a complete protein which means it contains all nine essential amino acids (EAA) just like meat.

Finally, we have a plant-based protein source that is as good if not better than meat in terms of the quality of protein. Since quinoa is a wholefood it gives a well balanced nutrition of vitamins, minerals, fibers and protein. The philosophy behind a plant-based wholefood diet is to make sure the intake of protein together with other micronutrient is in balance.

As quinoa is a seed it is glutenfree it is also suitable for those who need a glutenfree diet. Today, there is a big trend of veganism and quinoa is a great choice! We also see a large interest in flexitarianism and plant-based wholefood diets. The idea is to reduce the consumtion of meat and enlarge the consumption of veggies, fruits, quality carbohydrates together with plant-based protein sources. Once again the magic quinoa fullfills the desired requirements of a quality food.


Earlier in the days, quinoa was imported from South America and needed to travel all the way to Europe to reach our local supermarkets or restaurants. Now, we made it possible to farm and grow organic certified quinoa in Scandinavia.

Alicja Domelid

Health benefits of quinoa

  • Wholefood – balance of nutritions.
  • Plant-based complete protein. 15.8 % protein.
  • Quality carbohydrates (does not spike your insulin levels).
  • High in fiber which promotes a healthy digestion.
  • Rich in vitamins such as Vitamin B9(folic acid), Vitamin E.
  • Rich in minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Zink.
  • Deliciously healthy!

    Scandinavian Quinoa