Foodtech or originally Food Technology, is a part of science dealing with improving the process of food production and has been an active field of science since the early 1800. The science of pasteurization, canning food in tins and process optimization is a feature of foodtech. What is important for us is that foodtech should mean improved sustainability and healthy food products for our consumers.

“We want to use modern food technology together with  old wisdom of farming for better food safety and food health”

Modern technology should be used for improving food production without compromising old wisdom of agriculture. We have managed to successfully grow quinoa in a Nordic climate with very good nutritious values. Our next step is to use the modern technology to develop a sustainable alternative to meat from quinoa grown in Scandinavia. We believe that we can create organic and plant-based meat alternatives such as burgers and sausages of great taste for the health-conscious consumers.

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