Can you hear the music?

Music is a wonderful manifestation of our society. Music engages and unites people together from all different backgrounds and captures important emotions and trends of our society. Today we are concerned about the future: climate change, environment, safety and how to make tomorrow a better place.

“Turn off your head and turn on your heart”

– Sebastian Ingrosso, Swedish House Mafia

Today we are very engaged in the eco-friendly movement of improving our planet. It all starts from small ordinary things in our daily life. Taking the bike to work, being more savvy with water, choosing an electric car, buying less things and following the device of “Less is More”.  A major part in the manifestation of being engaged in a better tomorrow is our food habits. We are more conscious about where our food comes from and what environmental impact it has.  We make better choices today buy eating more organic food and more plant-based. This music today about “Who’s going to save the world”.