Passion for Organic Farming – “Michael Balle”

Michael Balle, is a co-founder of Scandinavian Quinoa. He is a passionate organic farmer living with his family in Odense, Denmark. Can you believe that he is the 13 th generation of farmers? Twenty-one years ago, Michael decided to become an organic farmer and the other organic farmers were laughing. Today no one is laughing anymore. He simply believed that it’s important to take care of the farmland with love and care, which means the importance of avoiding any chemical substances and pesticides. Michael’s philosophy is that it is not a problem to grow organic if you are willing to handle the challenges.

“The other conventional farmers used to laugh at Michael when he decided to grow organic. Today no one is laughing anymore”

The future is in organic farming. Today people understand that chemicals are destroying our bodies and health. Single chemical in farming might not be very harmful, the problem is the combination of chemicals and pesticides that create a dangerous cocktail for our bodies. I hope more big farmers will realise this and start growing organic since this is want the new generation is asking for. As a farmer I need to take responsibility for the next generation of farmers and be a role model and lead the way of new organic  farming.